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I am Biljana, feminist, addict to traveling and languages.

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About me

I like to believe that numerous relocations describe me best. Living in 5 different countries has given me the opportunity not only to get to know other cultures, customs, ways of thinking and living, but also to get to know myself better and choose in which direction I want to grow.

I am originally from Serbia. As a child, I imagined running a show on the Travel Channel, for some reason, in a foreign language. In the meantime languages ​​became an inseparable part of my life (I speak fluently 5 languages), and my enormous curiosity for other cultures lead me to live, study and work abroad. Besides my home country, I lived in the USA, Spain, Colombia and I currently live in France.

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My blog

When I moved to Colombia in 2012, I started a blog about living in Latin America. Writing about many adventures in this magnificent country brought me and my readers joy. Three years later, I moved to Montpellier, situated in the South of France, to finish masters in Cultural Studies. On one hand, I had, what I consider to be, a great life experience, because of having lived in a country with a communist and socialist heritage – Yugoslavia and in Colombia – a country with huge social class differences. I learned to comprehend society on a completely new levels. Analyzing social, economical and cultural differences and similarities became my obsession since it allowed me to better understand the functioning of the world.

On the other hand, after completing the Cultural Studies master’s program in Montpellier, France I realized that many of the read articles will only stay published in academic magazines and will never be available in an easy and not frightening way for an ”average” reader. I felt the need to correct that mistake and make some of the read articles accessible to everyone. Well, everyone that comes across my blog. We worked on a lot of different topics in relations to colonialism, migrations, capitalism, etc, but the most interesting topic for me was most definitely feminism, such a passionate topic, and the one that includes me in it.

Since traveling and languages are inseparable part of my life, I cannot but speak about both my nomad lifestyle and gender equality. I will share my stories about cultural experience from the point of view of someone  local in the mentioned countries.


As a feminist in the process, or as Roxana Gay described it in her book, Bad Feminist, I like to research on gender equality and assimilate that knowledge through writing. I believe that a perfect female or male feminist does not exist, because we all carry too much burden in this gender-unequal world. The burden is colored with the traditional way of upbringing and social reproduction. However, I believe that it is our duty to, at least, try to reach that perfection, even if we remain “in the process” forever. That’s exactly what I want with this blog, to get as close as possible to a true feminist and invite you all to join me on this journey of becoming one.

On my blog you will find different topics in relation to gender (in)equality and many are written in the form of a letter. I looked for a way to democratize this topic and make it accessible to everyone. I had a lot of conversations with my mom about gender roles and was a witness of  her and my dad’s unequal distribution of chores and responsibilities with our education. Our opinions differ in so many ways, but I realized that I cannot judge her. I can only try to understand the circumstances that she grew up in and find a way to conciliate two different, generational points of view. That is why writing articles as if I was writing to my mom seemed like a good idea. In these letters, I share with her numerous topics in relation to gender (in)equality, but not from the position of someone that knows better, but someone that is learning about it and informing her, so that she can learn too.

On this blog, you will also find topics about numerous women that I personally find inspiring.

The title for this blog – Klitmit, came from a video that described clitoris in detail. I learned that clitoris in erection is actually almost the same size as penis. I was mind blown and at the same time astonished by the fact that I am an adult living in the XXI century and did not know this! I guessed I was not the only one and that this fact had to look the light of the day. The name of the blog is only small contribution of democratizing the knowledge around this beautiful female organ.

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I hope that you will enjoy and that you will promote the importance of gender equality in your environment, because what? Feminism is not an ugly word, it is not a curse, it promotes the idea that we are all equal!

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